How To Sue An Insurance Company Without A Lawyer?

Accidents are common and happen every day in all places. It would be a miracle if accidents are not happening continuously in a city, There are several reasons for accidents. Fast driving, drink and drive, not following the traffic rules, and Heavy traffic are some of the reasons for the occurrence of the accident.

When these accidents occur, it turns the life of an accident victim upside down. It took a long time for a person to overcome the impact of accidental trauma, In some cases, it would take forever their lifetime to overcome and some persons never overcome an accident if the part of their body is damaged permanently.

To overcome the financial burden of the accidental impact, people rely on insurance companies. Insurance companies often try to reduce the settlement amount for accidental victims, they negotiate to give a low amount of money as compensation on account of accidents to the victim and their family.

If the victim feels that the money they deserve is much higher than the settlement amount, they have the right to fight for justice to get the right amount as their compensation, There are also possibilities for the victim to sue an insurance company without the support of a lawyer.

But the victim had to put a lot of effort on their side to sue an insurance company without the guidance of an attorney, Several steps will be involved in suing an insurance company. Depending upon the severity of the injury, it is up to the victim to decide to claim money from the insurance company with or without a lawyer.

If the accident is not severe and only involves minor injuries, the victim can claim the amount without the help of an attorney, In case the accident is severe and involves major injuries, surgeries, or maybe a death of a family member, it is advisable to hire a lawyer.

Is it possible to sue an insurance company?

A victim can sue an insurance company for emotional stress and financial loss if the insurance company denies the right claim without proper reasons, The insurance policy is an exclusive contract between the person and the insurance company which is proof of the insurer’s promise to pay for the claims when the victim suffered a loss.

The victim asks for the claim for the premium paid by them, Laws are there to protect the sufferers against insurance companies that act unethically and avoid paying the claim without investigating thoroughly.

The insurance company may also deny the claim intentionally and breach the contract by not meeting the duties in the insurance policy.

Should the victims represent themselves in an insurance company case? 

Private insurance and Medicare are used for covering medical costs for a long period. Victims usually file for Medicare because a person cannot afford the entire medical cost as it is very expensive even after including private insurance.

When the accident victim is claiming a nursing home, it might be acted upon by an insurance company that would like to provide low legal pay-outs.

 Know your eligibility for the claim?

First and foremost work is to know whether the victim is eligible for compensation. If the victim is going to sue an insurance company and claiming for compensation amount, the victim should be aware of how much money they can get by calculating the damages they have suffered.

The victim must include medical bills, damage to vehicles, and their loss of pay or job. It is highly important for the victim to completely understand the eligible claim amount from the insurance company.

Thoroughly read the policy?

To calculate the coverage amount, the person first needs to read the insurance policy thoroughly, the policy booklet will depict the perils and acceptable conditions of the insurance company, This booklet is the kind of contract the person has with the insurance company that promises to pay the money if the person seeks the claim, the person should check whether the claim fully covers the expenses.

The definition section provided in the policy helps the sufferer to understand the insurance-related special terms and gives a deep insight into the claim process and how the loss is evaluated by the insurance company, The person is provided with the policy booklet initially while starting the policy and if another copy is needed the person can request another copy from the insurance company.

Consulting State Insurance Department?

The State regulates the insurance and it is one of the best options to consult with the state insurance department if the person decides to sue an insurance company without a lawyer.

Every state has a separate department that overlooks insurance companies. All states have certain procedures for filing lawsuits against insurance companies and many states offer an intermediation process to solve the problems.

During the interrogation, if the state department finds out that the insurance company did not act in obedience to the law in settling the claim with the sufferer in good faith, then the department compels the insurance company to pay the settlement amount and fine the insurance company for their unfair practices.

Calculate the damage estimation?

If the person cannot calculate the estimation for their losses it is advised to get a reference from the appraiser or an independent adjuster for the assessment of the loss.

It will highly help to sue an insurance company that provides a shred of evidence to support the innocence and to get the settlement amount from the insurance companied Contacting the National Association of Independent Adjusters will help the sufferer to find an adjuster in their area.

Collecting the related shreds of evidence?

Collect all the necessary evidence related to the claim to sue an insurance company without a lawyer, Having a record of all the places, people, days, and times when the person deals with the insurance company.

It is the most important proof that the victim can submit against the insurance company in court which expose that the victim gave full co-operation with the insurance company to settle the claim.

Acquire free legal help?

Free legal service is provided by many states and non-profit organizations to support the citizens. Consult with this counsel before filing the lawsuit against the insurance company.

Consulting with the expert to get a second opinion about the case will give an in-depth review of the legal process that needs to be undergone while suing an insurance company without a lawyer.

The experts will also give guidance about the specific steps that need to be undertaken before suing an insurance company without the support of a lawyer.

Presenting the Case?

Specify the reason for the lawsuit. Explain the points clearly about how the insurance company breached the contract and deny the claim amount, Give an outline of the facts in the claim comparing the coverage of the insurance policy. Submit every single piece of evidence in the court.

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