Scopes Of Educational Psychology?

Educational psychology has considered the education of science, in the most generalized way, the concept d educational psychology reflects on all which we know or bought to know about the subject of educational psychology in terms of its meaning nature, and functions, of psychology.

Therefore, if we want to get with the concept of educational psychology, we use to think about the issue by concentrating on psychology.

It is not a normative science as it is not concerned with the values of education it gives the necessary knowledge and skill for giving education to the pupils in a satisfactory way.

Educational psychology is a perfect science, but it has its drawbacks, human behavioral science or even cannot claim an object’s exactness and validity as claimed by natural science or even by the applied science of medicine and engineering.

Unlimited scope of educational psychology?

The educational psychology is a developing and fastest-growing science .like any other developing branch of science.

It multiplies itself every year. New ideas keep pouring into educational psychology because of the result and experiments.

Change is the law of nature and education being a dynamic subject is changing very fast. New problems are coming like educational psychology at the same time the rate of forcing educational psychology to try harder for solutions.

As new concepts of educational psychology by defining its scope. It will not only hamper the progress of this developing psychology subject but also prove an obstacle in the process of educational psychology.

How does educational psychology help the teacher in the teaching-learning process?

The knowledge of the teacher’s potentialities of his student cannot go ahead with this task educational psychology equips with the understanding of the subjects.

The teaching-learning process is carried out by the teacher along with the pupils in a particular teaching-learning environment in educational psychology.

In educational psychology teaching well and learning well by the roles of effectively as a good concentrating manner.

After deciding about the learner the teacher in the educational psychologist suggest effective and enduring learning.

It reveals to maintain the pupil’s lean and thus gives the suitable methodology for teaching educational psychology. 

Knowing about oneself in educational psychology?

Knowledge of educational psychology helps to function of the five pillars of the teaching-learning process.

It is also designated and defined in a border way as a science of education. It has to serve the cause of education as a whole science of the nature of educational psychology may be well studied in terms of its use and applications of the organizing of the subjects to assist them in the experience manner.

Conclusion Scopes of educational psychology?

  1. There are five scopes in educational psychology
  2. Lerner or pupil
  3. Learning experiences
  4. Learning process
  5. Learning situations or environment.
  6. Teacher


The total subject matter of educational psychology primarily revolves around this factor .this section of the subject acquaints us with the need of knowing the learner and deals with the techniques of knowing him well.

The topics below may be included in the section, the initiate abilities and capabilities of the individuals, individual differences, and their measurements of the overt conscious as well as the unconscious behavior of childhood to adulthood.

Learning experiences?

This is the second area of educational psychology and the although the subject does not connect itself with the problem of what to teach or what learning experience to provide the learner.

It has the responsibility of suggesting the techniques and learning experience, the objectives of the piece of instruction at the particular stage are finished.

The need for educational psychology is felt, At this time different stages of growth and the development of the learner.

Learning process?

After knowing the learner and deciding on the types of learning experiences that are to be provided the next deciding on the types of learning experiences that are provided.

The next problem arises when the learner properly acquires these experiences with ease and convenience, Therefore around this pivot educational psychology deals with the nature of the learning.

Learning situations or environment?

The topic of educational psychology focuses on the environmental factors and learning situations which come between the learner and the teacher.

Topics like classroom climate and group dynamics, techniques, and aids help in the smooth functioning of the teaching-learning process.


Last but not least is the teacher, he is a potent force in any scheme of teaching and learning and educational psychology cannot forget this key player in the process of educational psychology.

It discuss his conflicts, motivation, anxiety, adjustment, and level of aspiration, So as the inspire him to become a successful teacher.

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