Texa How A Texas Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You?

When you are involved in a car accident and thinking about car insurance claims, there are two kinds of state fault and no fault.

It is necessary to know about which state you are living in because it directly impacts your car accident compensation.

In some states, the drivers should file a claim with their own insurance companies. In some other states,

They should file a claim against other side insurance companies who caused the accident. This is referred to as a fault and at-fault state.

Texas is a no-fault or at-fault state?

Texas is an at-fault state. At fault, the state refers that if the person is responsible for the car accident he/she should pay the compensation for the other party’s damages.

Texas accident laws permit car accident victims to be held by another party accountable for the damages. If the other driver, doesn’t give you fair compensation, you can file a lawsuit against him.

An experienced Texas car accident lawyer helps you to know the rules and regulations of Texas laws. He will help you to get a fair compensation resulting from the car accident.

At-fault drivers?

In Texas, the drivers who are responsible and caused the car accident will use their liability insurance to pay for the other injured driver’s charges after the car accident.

Whether you are at fault or not is decided through certain legal processes. If you are at fault, you should pay the bills for the other party’s injuries and damages.

This is the major reason why you should hire a Texas car accident lawyer. He will guide you and protect you against the other party.

Texas car insurance requirements?

As mentioned above, Texas drivers should pay for the compensation of the other party if he is responsible for the car accident.

There are certain laws in Texas if you buy liability car insurance. This may often refer to as 30/60/25 insurance coverage.

  • $30,000 for bodily injury liability insurance (per person) who were injured in a car accident that you caused.
  • $60,000 for total bodily injury liability insurance when two or more people were injured and suffered from the car accident.
  • $25,000 for property damage.

This car insurance helps to shield both drivers in the course of a car accident. It not only pays damages to the victim but also prevents the other driver from paying out of his pocket.

In Texas, if you drive without carrying this insurance, it may lead to penalties, fines, and even cancellation of your license.

The victim driver will calculate the damage and quote a certain amount as compensation. What if the at-fault driver’s insurance amount is not sufficient to pay the victim’s damages?

 The victim with the help of a Texas car accident lawyer can sue the at-fault driver to collect the balance amount.

Types of car insurance in Texas?

Texas laws need drivers to have car insurance if they cause any accidents. Most people buy liability insurance. Some of the auto insurance coverage’s are.

Liability coverage?

This pays for repairing and exchanging the vehicle, medical expenses, and other losses resulting in the car accident for the victim.

Collision coverage?

It helps you to pay for the repair or replacement of the car after an accident.

Comprehensive coverage?

 It helps you to pay for your damages other than the collision. It pays for the damages like if your car is stolen, damaged by fire, flood, or other than collision.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)?

 It helps you to pay for your medical bills. It also pays for your lost wages and other bills. All auto insurance includes PIP coverage.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage?

 It pays if you are hit by a person who did not have insurance or did not have enough money to pay for your injuries.

Insurance companies trick you of your compensation?

Generally, insurance companies try to trick you to reduce your fair compensation. Texas car accident lawyers have known the rules of their state. He has handled numerous cases relating to car accidents.

Texas car accident lawyers know some kinds of tricks and tips for dealing with these car insurance companies. He will use this trick to help you to get your fair settlement. Texas car accident lawyer supports and guides you in all your struggles after the car accident.

Choose a perfect law firm?

 There are several law firms outside they will take more clients to deal or they will just try to finish your case soon without working properly for the settlement and move to the next case.

Your primary duty of yours is to choose an experienced, skilled Texas Car accident lawyer or law firm that tirelessly works for your case.

You should choose a Texas car accident lawyer who supports you and pay attention to each minute detail of your case.

He should gather all the necessary pieces of evidence and information and thoroughly analyze them. The chosen Texas car accident lawyer should makes his best to get your fair settlement in all possible ways till you are satisfied.

Texas Car accident lawyers should make sure that the full extent of your losses is valued properly. He should negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

If the insurance company tricks or misguide you, the Texas car accident lawyer should have his whole team ready to go for the trial in court.

What compensation you may receive after the car accident in Texas?

After the car accident, if you are not at fault, you may be eligible for two types of compensation. They are Economic and Non-economic damages.

Economic Damages

 Economic damages cover all your financial problems and struggle you faced after the car accident which includes, property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and other financial losses.

Non-economic Damages

Non-economic losses may include pain and suffering, loss of consortium, emotional distress, disfigurement, mental anguish, etc.

Some car accident cases are entitled to receive third-party compensation punitive damages. If you are involved in a car accident caused by the driver’s negligence, wrongdoings, or others which end up with severe injuries and wrongful death, you may seek punitive damages. Court judges give these damages as punishments.

How a Texas Car Accident Lawyer can help you after the accident?

When you hire a Texas car accident lawyer to represent you in your case, he will handle all the communication with the insurance company and the opposite party.

Texas car accident lawyer guides you on how to speak with the insurance adjuster and another party lawyer. You don’t need to worry about what to say to them.

Your Texas car accident lawyer supports you in this tough battle. He helps you to keep away from mistakes that could be the drawback of your case.

Your Texas car accident lawyer thoroughly deep-checks the cause of the accident and helps you to calculate your fault claim.

There are certain steps a Texas car accident lawyer may take during the investigation?

  1. He will gather and analyses each piece of evidence of the car accident.
  2. He will search for videos and pictures related to the accident such as CCTV cameras and traffic cameras.
  3. Texas car accident lawyer finds, identifies, and interviews the witnesses related to the accident.
  4. Discuss the extent of physical and mental injuries resulting from the car accident with your doctors. Collect all the medical records and bills from them.
  5. Texas car accident lawyer will collect police reports and accident reports.
  6. He will try to collect the vehicle system data stored in the car, such as GPS, etc.
  7. Keep track of certain important dates and deadlines such as statutes of limitations for filing lawsuits and hearing dates.

Hiring a Texas car accident lawyer ensures the other party that you have some legal person working his best to protect you.

If you are not sure whether to hire a lawyer or not, take a piece of legal advice from any Texas car accident lawyer who offers a free consultation, You may get clarity on what can be done for your car accident claim.

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