What Is Educational Psychology?

Educational psychology is the combination of two words education and psychology, where education is a lifelong process that brings a change of behavior in a classified way and psychology is the study of behavior’s.

So educational psychology may be defined as the branch of psychology in which theories and principles of psychology are applied to education.

Education psychology helps to teach to understand the development of people the process of range and limit of their capacities, the process by which learn, and their social relationships. 

What is an educational psychologist?

She is known as the person who teaches psychology as the professor and also the Asst professor, It is the branch of psychology that deals with the study of the learning process from the behavioral perspective from the include of research.

Psychology focuses on all methods mainly in the educational psychology which includes testing and measurement.

The duration of completing educational psychology takes 3yaers of completion, the recognized sector in psychology is only educational psychology, Its comes under the Masters of Psychology. Educational psychology is one of the high profile people choosing department also.

The major students choose educational psychology for the reason of getting high-profile jobs to grow their careers, the branch which deals with the treatment of practical knowledge to improve getting placed in the best position in the psychology department.

At the same time, the choice of university is also the main thing in doing a master’s in educational psychology.

Better to know what is educational psychology?

Educational psychology means the nature scope and role of educational psychology in the teaching-learning process. Psychology has the scientific study of behaviours and mental process.

Behaviour is any action that other people can observe or measure in psychology, the mental process or cognitive activities are private mental activities that cannot be observed.

The word psychology is the combination of two words that came from the Greek words ‘psyche’ and ‘logos’. The word ‘psyche’ means “spirit or soul”. ‘Logos’ means “study” psychology is the “study of the soul”.

Educational psychology is the study of human behavior’s and human relationship, The science of the mental activity of an organism.

The nature of educational psychology?

Educational psychology is a branch of science, Science is a branch of study concerned With the observation of facts and establishment of variable general laws like any other science educational psychology is also concerned with the observation of facts and collecting of data.

It also claims at understanding predicting and consoling human behaviours, a positive science deals with facts as they are as they operate educational psychology studies the child’s behaviours as it is not as it is thought to be like the psychologist, anthropologist studies human beings and their sociability.

It is psychology that is the applications of psychological principles in the field of education, it is psychology that makes use of scientific methods and the techniques such as observation expressions, interviews, and projective techniques.

  1. The applied science
  2. Growing science
  3. Positive science
  4. Social science
  5. Academic science
  6. Scientific approach
  7. Natural science

Role of educational psychology in the teaching and learning process?

  1. Educational psychology helps in planning the curriculum activities.
  2. Educational psychology is used to understand effective teaching methods.
  3. Educational Psychology is to understand the difficulties of students.
  4. Educational psychology is to develop a positive attitude.
  5. Educational psychology is used for adjusting and disciplining children.
  6. It is used to provide guidance and counselling.
  7. It is used to research psychology,
  8. It is used to know the arranged learning situations.
  9. It is used for evaluation and testing in educational psychology.

Conclusion of the highest-paid of educational psychologist?

The highest paying education psychologist cannot be at some specific because it depends on their experience and where they are located.

But of course, educational psychology has been a high-paying job profession, and their salaries and yearly income will be varied.

But approximately the average income of the educational psychologist has nearly $160,000 to $170,000 per annum. 

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