Detail Note On Ownership Pattern?

In this kind of partnership, the Individual has control, which allows him to take decisions for the company.

Therefore, he takes responsibility for all the Policy – making decisions and is also accountable for them. It is best suited for small-scale media houses, be it newspaper or news channel.

An example of this is the Local Evening Newspapers that usually follow this kind of ownership control. The News Today is a daily English Newspaper that is printed out of Chennai. It covers news, politics, economy and travel.

Group/ Chain Ownership

This form of ownership is when two or ore same mediums are handled by the same organization.

They are formed without a common holding but with a chain of command.

Hindustan has 13 editions that are printed in Hindu, under HT Media.

Aja Talk and Headlines Today are two different channels but are held under the same organization i.e. India Today group.

Corporate And Family Ownership Pattern

The ownership pattern of corporate enterprises can be broadly of three types.

  • Widely dispersed, ownership particularly amongst large number of individual shareholders.
  • Promoters dominated shareholding pattern where promoters may be owning 30% to 80% or more vis-à-vis individual shareholders who own less than 30% of the total capital.
  • A unique ownership pattern where even banks and financial institutions, foreign Institutional investors or foreign individuals are the owners of the company.

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